House Raising & Lifting in Balch Springs

House Raising & Lifting in Balch SpringsHave you been hitting your head repeatedly due to a low basement or crawl space? We offer a solution to those who need more space without taking over their backyard. Fed up of high insurance premiums? Relocating may not be necessary. Consider upgrading to house raising and lifting!

There are 6 reasons why you should lift your house:

  • The need to move house can arise for a number of reasons. It might be necessary to move a house to avoid flooding, because a nearby highway project is being built, or because it is part of a historic preservation project. Regardless of why a house needs to be raised, it will be raised, moved, lowered, and then raised again.
  • The house can also be lifted by adding a second floor to make it bigger. If a house is one story, an addition of two stories might be necessary.
  • If you want to dig a basement, you might have to lift the house. It also increases the value of a home to add a basement.
  • ‘Also, houses are lifted to prevent flooding and reach FPE requirements. Houses have often been elevated after hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.
  • When underpinning is performed, the foundation of the house is repaired instead of having the house lifted several inches. The house hasn’t been lifted in the sense that it is being relocated or a basement is added.

You Need More Space

Perhaps you should consider raising your house or adding a second story when extending your home. A raised home can allow you to convert an existing crawl space into a full basement or to raise your basement ceiling. By doubling the size of your home, you could lower its cost per square foot by half. Adding first floors and basements can increase square footage by 60 – 70 percent less than elsewhere. By raising your house rather than extending it, you can still keep your backyard. Most residential lots in city neighborhoods are so small that there is little outdoor space. Adding an addition opens up more outdoor space.

Smarter Than Moving

A house that is raised and improved will increase in value by $1.50 for every $1 invested. Additionally, the expense of real estate fees, land transfer taxes, legal fees, and moving costs (such as those incurred when buying, selling, and moving larger homes) is eliminated.

Even if you like your existing home and neighborhood, it is important that your home matches your lifestyle. You may be expanding your family and need a home that will serve you for many years to come. Perhaps renting some space out could be an option. If you need money for renovations, renting a room might be helpful.

Flood Protection

Water surrounds many people — in freshwater wetlands, along ocean and sound shorelines, or in freshwater flood plains. There is a possibility that the house may have to be moved back or raised if it is located near a high-water zone. Our lifting services can provide you with relief against further flooding after your house has been flooded or prevent future flooding through preventative measures. The process of house lifting can significantly reduce flooding in addition to mitigating climate change.

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